Pallet and Tray Tracking System Launched

Managing trays and pallets has never been so complicated, with the multiple types of trays and pallets now in use by a variety of clients. The management of these is now an essential part of the management of a successful business, due to the costs of lost or uncollected trays, which can amount to significant sums. […]

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Affinitus announce Freshware LABEL Module

High fines imposed by supermarkets to suppliers can amount to over £25,000 for each incident. For what is a relatively easy mistake to make, Freshware have designed additional module which ensures every aspect of outgoing labels is checked against a central database. The database is maintained by the account manager and authorised by the technical department […]

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Freshware helps Premier Fruits boost profits

Implementing Freshware has helped the UK’s leading independent fresh produce wholesaler and catering supplier Premier Fruits increase its profits, with the company benefiting from deliver faster, more accurate orders to customers. Premier Fruits’ managing director, Jason Tanner, said Freshware had made a positive difference to the company’s gross profit margin of 2% since being installed […]

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